US Election Report-2

Onclusive's 2024 US Presidential Election Media Impact Analysis Report Reveals Key Insights Surrounding the Election Coverage so far

  • Onclusive launches quarterly US Presidential Election Report
  • Analyses the impact and performance of the presidential election candidate campaigns in the media

18 October, New York: Onclusive, the global leader in media intelligence, announces the release of its first “2024 US Presidential Election Media Impact Analysis report. It offers a comprehensive and impartial evaluation of the candidates, critical issues, discussions, and themes that that have been shaping the landscape of the 2024 Presidential Election cycle so far.  

The report includes media analysis data between Nov 5, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023 and will be produced quarterly up until the US election. Key Highlights from Onclusive's 2024 US Presidential Election Report include: 

Trump leads, but only due to indictment and lawsuit coverage 

Trump, Biden, and DeSantis have dominated national media coverage of the election (in that order). Trump leads, however, 38% of his national coverage mentions include at least one of the terms “indictment” or “lawsuit.” If we remove lawsuit and indictment coverage, Trump continues to lead, but at a lesser margin. If we remove lawsuit and indictment coverage from only Trump, he drops behind Biden and only carries a slight lead on DeSantis. 

Energy, gun control, and border control emerge as key national and primary state election topics 

Media coverage around energy, gun control, and border control are comparable across national and early primary state coverage. However, in primary states there is a larger focus on agriculture and Iowa is the driving force for agricultural coverage in early primary states. 

Ramaswamy makes solid headway 

While Ramaswamy does not fall in the top five candidates in either national or early primary state coverage, he’s making solid headway when compared to other top candidates. In national coverage, Ramaswamy ranks 8ᵗʰ.  

Looking at early primary state coverage in New Hampshire, he falls to 10ᵗʰ, in Nevada remains at 8ᵗʰ, but jumps a rank to 7ᵗʰ in both Iowa and South Carolina. When compared to the top five candidates, Ramaswamy is the only one whose share of media is led by centrist/moderate publications. 

Republicans generated more online coverage and social media buzz than the Democrats 

There were more than 9 million online mentions related to ‘US election’, ‘Republicans’, and ‘Democrats’. The 'Republicans' garnered more discussions than the ‘Democrats’. Key topics driving these conversations include clean energy, gun control, education funding, the economy, Ukraine, and deregulation, resonating on both sides. 

Conspiracy theories put Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the spotlight 

In recent months, social media buzz about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the second most-mentioned Democratic presidential candidate, arose when Forbes and other media outlets published articles on conspiracy theories endorsed by Kennedy, including the claim that COVID-19 selectively targets specific races. 

Onclusive's "2024 US Presidential Election Media Analysis" report and (almost) real time media analysis dashboard are indispensable resources for staying informed about the election landscape and understanding the critical issues and trends that have been driving the discourse. It’s designed to empower individuals, organizations, and society at large to make informed decisions and actively engage in the democratic process. 

To access the full report and explore the interactive US Election media analysis dashboard, please visit our website.

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